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Managing Relationships

Managing Performance 

What is the role of a manager in managing performance? How should performance assessments be carried out?  How should performance issues be addresses informally? How should performance issues be raised during the probationary period? How should probationary issues be addressed formally?Can non performance justify summary dismissal?

Absence Management

What amounts to unacceptable absence? How is absenteeism monitored? How should absenteeism be dealt with? How should long term absence be dealt with? What considerations should an employer take into account? What if the employee’s condition amounts to a disability? What investigations can be undertaken? What if the employee refuses to cooperate? How should an employer consult with an employee? Can an employee’s employment be terminated? What if the employee has the benefit of a company PHI policy?What is the employee entitled to on termination of employment?

Flexible Working Requests

What is a Flexible Working Request? Who can make a request? What conditions must the employee satisfy? What arrangements are covered? What is the form of a Flexible Working application? How should an employer response to a Flexible Working application? How should an employer notify an employee of the outcome? What are the grounds to reject an application? How should an employee appeal? How should an appeal be conducted? What are the consequences of a failure to comply?

Information and Consultation Agreement

How do the Consultation regulations work? Which organisations does this apply to? How is the number of employees calculated? What about divisions, subsidiaries and group companies? What about existing agreements?How should an employer respond to a request for an ICA? What form must a negotiated ICA take? What if an employer fails to comply? What does a default or standard ICA cover? How does an ICA affect redundancy and TUPE consultations? What information is excluded from an ICA? What is the penalty for non-compliance? How soon can an ICA request be re-submitted?


How should employers address grievances? What procedure should be followed in raising a grievance?


How should employers conduct disciplinary action? When is disciplinary action appropriate? When should an employer suspend? How should an investigation be conducted? How should an investigation proceed to the disciplinary stage?How should a disciplinary hearing be conducted? What disciplinary action should be taken? What form should a disciplinary letter take? How should an appeal be conducted? The Disciplinary Checklist

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