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Diversity and Equality


What are the consequences of discrimination? What does the Equality Act cover? Who is covered by the Equality Act? How does discrimination arise?How is discrimination identified? Can employers be liable for employee acts?Can employers avoid liability for discrimination?

Equal Pay

What is an equal pay claim? What counts as pay? Who is the comparator? What are the defences? What can be recovered?  How long does an employee have to bring a claim? How can employees find out information?

Part-time Workers

Who is a part-time worker? What rights do part-time workers enjoy? Are there any restrictions on these rights? What action can part-time workers take?

Fixed-term Workers

Who is a fixed term worker? What protection is given to a fixed term worker?Who is a comparator for these purposes? Are there any restrictions on these rights? What action can fixed term workers take? Can workers be employed on a series of fixed term contracts?

Time off for Dependents

When can employees take time off? Who is a dependent? Can a request for time off be refused? How are these rights enforced?

Maternity Rights

What are the maternity leave rights? What is the maternity leave procedure?What are the ordinary maternity leave rights? What are the additional maternity leave rights? How long can maternity leave be extended? What is automatically unfair dismissal?

Paternity Rights

What are the paternity leave rights? What is ordinary paternity leave? What is additional paternity leave?  Who is eligible for paternity leave? What are the adoption rights? What notice does an employee need to give? What notice is required for additional paternity leave? Is an employee entitled to statutory paternity pay? What is the position on return to work? What is the protection?

Parental Leave

What is parental leave? Who is entitled to parental leave? What does parental leave permit? How long does parental leave last? When can parental leave be taken? What is the right to return to work?

Shared Parental Leave

What is Shared Parental Leave? When does Shared Parental Leave take effect?How does Shared Parental Leave work? Who qualifies for Shared Parental Leave? When can Shared Parental Leave be taken? Will Keeping in Touch days still apply? How is Shared Parental Leave booked? What should a notice specify? How can an employer respond? Is Shared Parental Leave paid?test

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