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Employment Tribunal Fees

Are fees payable in the Employment Tribunal?

Fees are payable in most cases unless an employee qualifies for fee remission. If a claim is successful at a hearing then the Tribunal can order that the other party reimburse those fees. If a claim is settled in the meantime then fees will not be recovered unless this is provided for in the terms of settlement.

How are fees calculated?

Fees are charged to (1) issue proceedings, (2) make certain applications during the course of proceedings and (3) proceed to a hearing. Additional fees must also be paid for multi-party proceedings.

Claims are divided into type A claims (simple) and more complicated type B (more complex), covering dismissal and discrimination claims.

Details of the current fees may be obtained from the Government Website by clicking on this link,

When are fees payable?

Fees must be paid in advance. In cases of hardship an application for remission may be made, but this will not extend time for making a Tribunal application.

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