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Departures and Claims

Settlement Discussions  

When can Settlement Discussions take place? How can Settlement Discussions take place? How long can Settlement Discussions take place for? What does Without Prejudice Mean? What are the limitations on Settlement Discussions? Is there a right to be accompanied?

Settlement Agreements

What is a Settlement Agreement? What form does a Settlement Agreement take? What additional matters may an employer require? What additional matters may an employee require? Who bears the cost of a Settlement Agreement?

Unfair Dismissal

who can be unfairly dismissed? What amounts to a dismissal?  When is there a dismissal by the employer or a resignation by the employee? When is there a termination but no dismissal? Who can claim unfair dismissal? When is a dismissal unfair? When should an unfair dismissal claim be brought?

Constructive Dismissal

What is Constructive Dismissal? What are the grounds for Constructive Dismissal? How should an employee respond to a serious breach of contract? How should an employer respond? What if the employee has already resigned?  What legal action can an employer take?

Breach of Contract

What is a breach of an employment contract? What is the remedy for a breach of contract?  What is the difference between wrongful and unfair dismissal? Where can a breach of contract claim be pursued?

Early Conciliation

What is Early Conciliation? Is Early Conciliation compulsory? Which disputes does Early Conciliation apply to? What if there is more than one party to the dispute? What does Early Conciliation cover? What does Early Conciliation not cover? How long does Early Conciliation last? How does Early Conciliation affect time limits? What if time has expired
before ACAS are contacted?

Employment Tribunal Fees

Are fees payable in the Employment Tribunal? How are fees calculated? When are fees payable?

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