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Employment Retainer

We enable you to take the risk out of managing your business and control costs with a comprehensive service from a little as £1,200 per annum, plus VAT.

Our Employment Retainer can provide complete insurance-backed employment and HR protection for a fixed annual charge based on the size of your workforce and payroll.

The retainer inlcudes:

  • Full access to qualified solicitors and advocates
  • Fixed charges payable in instalments
  • No 3 or 5 year lock in contracts 
  • Optional Tribunal awards insurance for claims up to £500,000
  • Full compliance with ACAS and legal requirements

As an alternative to our Employment Retainer we are happy to discuss and agree with you our hourly rates and fixed or capped fee arrangements for any projects you ask us to undertake. We will take a transparent approach to costs and will provide regular updates on progress and costs in a clear and informative way.

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