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Business Protection

All businesses are vulnerable to illegal or unfair competition from existing or former employees and competitors – but those that take no action to protect themselves are most at risk.

If you do not take advance steps to safeguard what is what is most valuable in your business then this can encourage wrong doing and a Court may only have limited powers to act.

Coates and Co’s carefully drafted employment contracts and agreements can protect:

  • all company property
  • customers and supplier relationships
  • employee relationships
  • confidential information and trade secrets
  • intellectual property and design rights

In the event of unlawful conduct by an existing or former employee we have the employment law specialist experience and resources to act quickly to protect your business successfully. Even if there is no employment contract in place Coates and Co can often act to stop wrong doing.

While a warming letter from Coates and Co may suffice, when action through the Courts becomes necessary we have the experience to:

  • obtain Court orders and injunctions to enforce employment restrictions and obligations
  • recover business property
  • preserve evidence and assets
  • recover damages and costs

Employment law practitioners in most law firms will not undertake Court proceedings, but because of our particular experience in employment law we are able to act decisively to protect your interests.

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